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Deputy Blank Visits Scooter City

This week Deputy Blank attended Coach Pudney and Coach Holmes' elementary gym class where students were navigating their way through Scooter City! Scooter City consists of a fish market, a gas station, and a bowling alley. Students also have to drive safely and obey...

Vaccination Pod for 5-11 Year Olds

November 5, 2021 Dear Germantown CSD Parents,Recently, we have received notification and clarification from the CDC and CCDOH that the COVID-19 vaccination for 5-to-11-year-old children has been approved for distribution. In coordination with CCDOH, as well as with...

Mrs. Phelan’s Class Hosts Guest Speaker

Mrs. Phelan’s Class Hosts Guest Speaker

Mrs. Phelan's 5th Grade class had a guest speaker this week! Mr. Phelan (Merchant Marine) came into the classroom to talk about the 5 themes of Geography. Mr. Phelan discussed the Prime Meridian, Equator, Longitude, and Latitude. Students had a blast hearing sea...