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  • 2018-19 School Tax Prepayment: The Germantown Central School District does not have the authority to issue the required tax warrants and collect school tax payments at this time. Section 1318 of the Real Property Tax Law states that the warrant to collect taxes cannot be approved by a board of education until at least 30 days after the budget vote (in May 2018) and the notice of collection cannot be published until the warrant is approved by the board of education. The Governor’s Executive Order No. 172 does not give school districts the authority to issue tax warrants absent an adopted 2018-19 school budget, nor to issue tax bills corresponding to those warrants. Please note that the Cuomo administration has clarified that the Governor’s Executive Order was directed at other localities, such as counties and towns as well as the Big Five school districts, and not the other 695 or so school districts across the state, according to The Buffalo News. 
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